Muthu – Muthu (Rajnikanth) is Zamindar Raja’s (Sarath Babu) loyal servant. At a village drama, Ranganayaki (Meena) catches Raja’s eye. He is stunned by her beauty and decides to marry her. However, circumstances force Muthu to take Ranganayaki back to her native home. On the way, they are stuck for a while in Kerala where their romance blossoms. Differences develops between Raja and Muthu due to which Muthu is sent away from the palace. Meanwhile an elderly man who is Muthu’s lookalike, mysteriously turns up in the village. Who is this mystery man and what is his relationship with the Zamindar’s family and Muthu

  1. Kluvaalile
  2. Kokku Saiva Kokku
  3. Oruvan Oruvan
  4. Theme
  5. Thillana Thillana
  6. Vidukathayaa


Movies, Tamil


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