Pedarayudu (Mohanbabu) is a very kind-hearted, disciplined man. He sits on the ancestral throne in his village to do justice (similar to panchayat). He hears all the cases and gives solutions and punishments to the wrong-doers. His wife, Bhanupriya admires and respects him a lot. His brothers Mohanbabu and Raja Ravindra fear for him and
also have a lot of respect for him as he has brought them up as his children. The young Mohanbabu marries Soundarya, daughter of an industrialist Satyanarayana. She at first never liked Pedarayudu and her husband for being so timid before his brother but later transforms after knowing his greatness from her father.Raja Ravindra loves his paternal cousin(Anandaraj)’s daughter. In the flashback, Paparayudu(Rajanikanth) father of Pedarayudu orders Anandaraj to marry his servant’s daughter whom he raped, though he is his sister(Jayanthi)’s son. His brother-in-law(Chalapathi Rao) shoots at him as he is disappointed by his verdict.Enraged Paparayudu gives his final verdict before dying to abandon their family and whoever visits his house will receive the same punishment and also not to share even a glass of water with them. Anandaraj from then builds envy on his uncle’s family and waits for an opportunity to take revenge on them. He plans to bring a lady (Subhashri) as a teacher to the school in the village and tells her to make young Mohanbabu fall for her. She does so to save her father who is in the hands of Anandaraj.
He kills her and makes the villagers believe that Mohanbabu has done this. Pedarayudu sentences 10 years of exile for his brother’s family. Now Anandaraj comes to know of his daughter’s love and tries to kill Raja Ravindra with the help of his goons. Mohanbabu goes in rescue of him and pregnant Soundarya goes to Pedarayudu to convey this message.
Jayanthi rushes to Pedarayudu and reveals the truth and tells that he punished his brother without committing any mistake. Mohanbabu takes revenge on Anandaraj and pedarayudu dies on knowing that he gave a wrong verdict. Now Mohanbabu is shown taking the ancestral throne from his brother.

Directed by Raviraja Pinisetty
Produced by Mohan Babu
Story by K. S. Ravikumar
Starring Mohan Babu
Music by Koti
Studio Sri Lakshmi Prasanna Pictures
Release dates January 1995
Country India
Language Telugu


Movies, Telegu


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