Bhagwaan Dada is a 1986 Hindi-language Indian feature film about a criminal who becomes morally redeemed through his love for a child. Bhagwaan Dada was directed by J. Om Prakash. The primary cast are Rakesh Roshan, Rajinikanth, Sridevi and Danny Denzongpa, and Hrithik Roshan, aged 12, in his only speaking role as a child. Other noted actors such as Tina Munim, Paresh Rawal, Om Prakash (veteran actor not to be confused with J. Om Prakash, the director), and Satish Shah appear in various supporting roles.

  1. Aaya Pyar Ka Zamaana
  2. Chug Gayi Chidya
  3. Mujhe Pyar Ho Chala
  4. Superfast Love
  5. Tujhse Pehle


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