Andha Kanoon (Hindi: अंधा क़ानून; English: Blind Law) is a 1983 Bollywood drama film directed by T. Rama Rao, starring Hema Malini, Rajnikant, Reena Roy.

Amitabh Bachchan and Madhavi has a special extended guest appearance portraying husband and wife in the film.

The film was a success and became the third highest grossing movie of the year.

The film also has a huge supporting cast including Pran, Danny Denzongpa, Amrish Puri, Madan Puri, Prem Chopra and Asrani.
Dharmendra also has a guest appearance.

It is a remake of 1981 Tamil movie Sattam Oru Iruttarai which starred Vijayakanth in lead role.

Jan Nisar Akhtar Khan works as a Forest Officer, and lives with his wife Zakhiya and his daughter Neelu. One day while on duty he comes across some poachers who were cutting sandal wood trees illegally. When challenged, they retaliate, a struggle ensues, and one of them, Ram Gupta, is killed. Khan is charged with killing him, tried in Court, and sentenced to several years in prison. His shocked and devastated wife kills herself along with their daughter. Years later, an angry and embittered Khan is released from prison. One day he comes across another young man, Vijay Singh, and finds out that he is struggling with taking vengeance against three men who had traumatized and killed some of his family members, and decides to help him. It is then Khan finds out that Gupta is still alive and decides to kill him, quite dramatically in the same courtroom where he was convicted for his murder. Vijay also has sister, Miss Durga Singh who has joined Police department just to take revenge against those three men, but law-fully whereas her brother Vijay has decided to kill them one by one by taking law in his own hands as he like Khan does not believe in law. How he succeeds is the entertaining story of this movie.

Andhaa Kanoon

  1. Ek Taraf Hum Tum
  2. Kabhi Na Kabhi
  3. Mausam Ka Taqaza
  4. Meri Bahena
  5. Rote Rote Hasna Seekho Happy
  6. Rote Rote Hasna Seekho Sad
  7. Yeh Andhaa Kaanoon


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